About My Shop

"Maybe someday I'll launch a website to sell all the things I make." - Adriene Booth


We all have so much stuff. There is so much textile waste in clothing production. Fast fashion abounds. Instead of consuming more let's all try to be a bit more conscious of what we buy. It's time to repurpose, recycle, and reimagine. I like to take old things and make them new again by embellishing and embroidering, using scraps of fabric and ribbon to create a new, reimagined item of clothing or jewelry. I can custom make a piece for you, or get one of my hand embroidered patches to personalize and give new life to something you haven't worn for a while! 

I do all sorts of things, send me a message and we can do something new together!




I find inspiration for the things I make in all sorts of ways. Generally, I see something in my everyday travels that makes me look at objects in a different way. I think about the things I like and figure out ways to create items that translate my curiosity and sense of fun into a wearable form. 

About me 

I have worked in fashion and design most of my adult life. I have been making things since I was a child. As I've moved through life I have found the two interests converging more and more. After owning a children's clothing store, LMNOP, in Chicago for 13 years, I have decided to take my aesthetic to the larger world. Bigger people and more places.